About Terralogica

In 2005, we established our first research and testing laboratory, to complement our nursery and field trials on native seed. We recognise that our native seeds are a precious, finite resource, which must not be wasted. Our fundamental goal is to achieve better establishment rates with fewer seeds, and give every seed the best opportunity to establish.

We have invested very heavily in research and development, and over the past decade we have learned a lot about native seed. This knowledge has helped to drive improvements in:

  • Seed harvesting and determination of optimum maturity.
  • Seed cleaning and processing techniques.
  • Seed drying and storage.
  • Germination and testing techniques.
  • Scarification.
  • Seed treatments and seed applied technologies.

Our primary focus currently is development of treatments which can be applied directly to the seed prior to sowing, to protect and promote seedling establishment.