Our products


Native Seeds

We offer a large range of native seeds for rehabilitation. We have a particular focus on plants of Central Queensland provenance, suited to the Bowen Basin. We also stock many species from throughout Queensland for non-Mining Purposes.


Native Grasses

Whilst native grasses are highly desirable, they do present some challenges which we are continuing to work on. Harvesting can be challenging and our primary method is utilising a brush harvester mounted on a tracked skidsteer. We are always looking for suitable stands of clean native grasses for opportunistic harvesting.

Seed Coating is essential with most of the fluffy or difficult to handle seeds, and we have developed some effective processes to handle these difficult seeds. Typically, these seeds are stored bare for a period to allow for post harvest maturation, prior to coating.

While the labour and other production costs remain high for these grasses, we are continuing to develop better processes to reduce costs and commercialise these important products.


Pasture Grasses

Pasture grasses are frequently included in our mixes to provide rapid cover, and assist with erosion control in the early stages of rehabilitation. Terralogica supply a large range of Pasture grasses and tropical legumes for rehabilitation and general agriculture.


Fertilisers & Ameliorants

Terralogica is a wholesale distributor of bulk fertilisers and soil ameliorants for rehabilitation. We provide agronomic and logistic solutions for your fertiliser needs.



Species selection, application rates and broadcast methods are all important considerations in tailoring your rehabilitation program. We have twenty-five years of practical experience in native seed and rehabilitation in Queensland and can provide specialist advice tailored to your needs.